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How to Install Soft Close Drawers?

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Are you tired of those slamming shuts and the creaking sound you hear each time you want to slide your box in or out? It's time to put a stop to it by installing soft close drawers. The good news is that it doesn't take more than an hour to do this. And you can be sure of a more serene kitchen to get your dish prepared in time. 

It's the best time to upgrade your bath and kitchen, and by merely installing the soft close cabinets and drawers, you are good to go! Don't worry; it's a lot easier than you'd ever think. Just follow the steps. 

Sticking those fingers in a closing drawer could be very painful and destabilizing. And you won't want that to repeat. However, soft-close drawers provide a perfect option for your fingers. Apart from making your kitchen a quieter and safer space, they are user-friendly and also affordable; at least you can save up some extra bucks. 

For DIY soft close drawers, the most you can spend completing the task is just an hour. But first, you need DIY tools such as the level, a screwdriver, and a drill. However, you need to make sure that you are comfortable using these tools. Apart from the kitchens, you can install the soft-close drawers in the home office, bedroom, and bathroom.

Now, let's get to the essential tools you need for a DIY soft-close drawer thus;

  • Level

  • Pencil

  • Tape measure

  • Screwdriver

  • Drill

  • Mounting plates

  • Drawer glides

D-4510-ZP slide rail

Now, let's get to the steps involved in carrying out the DIY soft close drawer project.

Step 1: Remove Drawer and Hardware

The drawer should be emptied and removed entirely from the cabinet. The existing glide hardware should be unscrewed from both cabinet and the drawer. 

Step 2: Install Drawer Glides

The next thing to do is to turn the drawer and ensure that the flush is aligned to the drawer bottom. When doing this, you need to position the protruding part of the glide to the drawer front. Using a pencil, mark the placement. Predrill holes and screw the marked glide into place. The same thing should be done for the rear and on the other side. 

Step 3: Cabinet Glides should be installed

The glide should be pulled back on the drawer to free the clip. Then some parts of the clip should be removed from the drawer. The mounting clips should be attached to the back of the cabinet box clip, the front face frame clip, and the glide. 

Step 4: Attach Clips

Predrill holes, if necessary, and with the help of a screwdriver and a screw, attach the face frame clip to the cabinet. While ensuring it's level attach the back mounting clip to the cabinet box back. 

Step 5: Make Needed Adjustments

To ensure the drawer glides are correctly placed, and parallel, the drawer glide distance at the back of the box and the front should be measured. If there is a need for screw adjustments, do so on all sides. To ensure that the parts fit well, you can slide the drawer into the glides. 

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