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  • Types Of Finishing For Drawer Slides

    Choosing the right metal finish for a drawer slide is usually a difficult and delicate process. In some cases, if this is not chosen properly, it may affect the function and life span of the metal. Custom slide rails finish is a protective, chemical layer that assists a metallic surface to resist c

  • The Two Major Types Of Cabinet Slide Rail And Their Advantages

    Cabinet slide rail comes with flexible features with many added advantages. Gone are the days you need to applied force on your cabinets or guided it with two hands before it will close. The cabinet drawer slide comes with unique and comfortable features that make your material kept in the drawer e

  • How Soft Close Drawer Slides Work?

    The soft close is a superior feature that is available on particular kinds of drawer slides, and it helps drawer to close with ease, quietly and evenly. It requires just a little closing, just a little push on the drawer or cabinet, and the soft-close drawer slides help to do the other job of closi

  • How To Choose The Right Heavy Duty Electrical Drawer Slide?

    Sometimes, choosing the right drawer slide for drawers can make a big difference between continuous discomfort and the satisfaction you get from the drawer. Unless you make the right choice, the former can be so annoying and frustrating. To get it right, bear in mind that heavy-duty drawer slides a

  • Easy DIY Guide On How To Install The Industrial Ball Bearing Slide Rail

    Industrial ball bearing slide rail is one of the most common quick fixes in the furniture industry. It commonly used in many brand furniture such as wardrobes dressers, shelves, etc. Like you already know, their fundamental function is to enhance smooth opening and closing of drawers, doors, or mov

  • How To Choose The Right Drawer Slide

    Whether you’re refurbishing your kitchen or furnishing brand-new cabinetry, choosing the best under-mount soft-close drawer slide can seem like a really challenging task. Well, one best way to avoid having a disheartening experience while shopping for one is to team up with a trusted and professiona

  • Safety Training by JINRUDA

    Any enterprise, especially production and construction enterprises, must put safety management in the first place of enterprise management. This is determined by the nature of security management. Safety management is not only related to the personal safety of employees, but also related to the long

  • How do ball bearing drawer slides work?

    Slide rails, also known as guide rails and slide rails, refer to hardware connecting parts that are fixed on the cabinet of the furniture and allow the drawers or cabinet plates of the furniture to move in and out. The slide rail is suitable for connecting drawers such as cabinets, furniture, docume

  • Application of Slide Rail

    Slide rail is a common and key component in our daily life, which known as guide rail and slide way, refers to the hardware connecting parts fixed on the cabinet body of furniture for the drawer or cabinet board of furniture to move in and out. The ball bearing slide rails are applicable to the conn

  • How to choose suitable stainless steel slide?

    With the development of the market economy and the needs of users, the grade of products is constantly rising. Only after continuous innovation and continuous updates will products have a better development market. Take the slide rails in the hardware industry. From ordinary steel ball slide rails t

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