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Note on Installation of Furniture Drawer Slide 

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When the furniture is almost finished, the most important thing is to improve the details of the home decoration, such as the installation of hardware, spare parts, furniture drawer rails, etc. Then many friends who asked about the drawer rails for kitchen want to know how to install the rails? Especially for newcomers who have no practical experience, trying to install these things by themselves is desperate. So, how to install the furniture drawer rails? What material is used for the drawer rails? Today, Let's talk to everyone about the novice installation of furniture drawer rails.

furniture drawer slide


How to install furniture drawer rails

1. First, we must first understand the structure of the steel ball pulley slide, which is divided into three parts: movable rail, middle rail and fixed rail. Among them, the movable cabinet is an inner rail; the fixed rail is an outer rail.

2. Before installing the track, we also need to remove the inner rail from the slide on the movable cabinet and then install it on both sides of the drawer. Everyone should be careful not to damage the slideway when disassembling. Although the disassembly method is simple, you must also pay attention to the roadway.

3. Install the outer cabinet and middle rail in the split slideway on both sides of the drawer box, and install the inner rail on the side panel of the drawer. There are reserved screw holes in the drawer, and you can find the corresponding upper screws.

4. After all the screws are fixed, you can push the drawer into the box. When installing, everyone should pay attention to the snap springs in the inner rail, and then slowly push the drawer parallel to the bottom of the box to keep the two sides balanced. If the drawer is pulled out and the drawer slides out directly, the spring part is not stuck.


What material is good for drawer guide

1. Metal slide

Advantages: easy to install, suitable for all kinds of plates, such as particle boards and density boards, very practical.

Disadvantages: The metal drawer slide has a life limit. When there are many heavy objects in the drawer, it will not be smooth when it is opened. After long-term use, it is easy to deform and damage, and the sliding is not smooth. Metal slide rails will warp and deform after a long period of use. This should be noted.

2. Wooden slide

Advantages: no maintenance, no life issues, small space area, good fit with the cabinet, beautiful appearance, and more grade.

Disadvantages: The requirements of wooden slide rails are actually very high, and materials such as particle board and MDF cannot be used at all. There are also certain requirements for the skills of the installation master. When it is installed well, unfavorable pulling will occur at the beginning and it will take some time to run in.

The above is a little knowledge on how to install furniture drawer rails for newbies. I hope it will be helpful to you. In the daily life in the future, if you have questions about the purchase and installation of building materials in your home or the maintenance and cleaning of furniture You can continue to follow us, we will push you more knowledge about decoration building materials, furniture purchase, furniture maintenance and living skills from time to time!

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