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What are the Characteristics of File Cabinet Slides?

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File cabinet slides are a bit hard to choose. If you make the wrong decision, then it might be difficult for you to close or open the drawers. They can even break down. So, before you are going to choose these slides, you have to know their characteristics. There are a total of three main characteristics of the file cabinet slides which we are going to explain. 

Weight Rating

The first and foremost characteristic of these slides is their weight. There are various slides available in the market. Every cabinet slide comes with a particular weight rating. First of all, you must have a good idea of what type of material you are planning to keep in the cabinet. For the file cabinets, you should consider the slides that can easily bear the weight of the files. There are a few cabinet slides that are rated from 70 to 160 pounds.

Nevertheless, some ball-bearing slides can hold up weight up to 400 pounds. It is imperative to know how heavy the load you require to support. It will be helpful for you to make the right choices.

Mounting Capacity

The next characteristic is mounting capacity. Each slide has a different mounting ability, features, and drawbacks. The typical one is the center mount. This mount is fixed below the cabinet. As it is present at the bottom so it will not be seen when the cabinet will open. It is a good thing to highlight your cabinet. These single slides are reasonable in price. Nevertheless, the center mounts will need a lightweight rating. It is ideal for the file cabinets.

On the other hand, the slides are available with side or under mounting capacity. The slides with the side mounts are available in pairs. It is essential to place each one on the side of the cabinets. They will be visible for sure and placed amid the cabinet opening and the cabinet. The slides with the side mount capacity can handle heavyweight without any problem. Still, the under-mount slides come in pairs as well. You need to place then the underside of the cabinet. It is excellent for the cabinets that need to handle too much load. If you want to place a bulk of files in your cabinet, then you should prefer it.

heavy duty drawer slides


The length of file cabinet slides varies from one another. When you are going to choose the slides for your cabinets, then you have to go for the right length. The slide length should be according to the cabinet size. Otherwise, a small or big slide will damage your cabinet.


The file cabinet slides are available in three materials. These materials incorporate 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, and cold-rolled steel. The stainless steel slides are popular as compared to the cold-rolled steel as they are durable and sturdy.


The functions of the slides are different. The cabinet slides usually have the following functions:

•Locked when closed

•Have a press open

•Removable capacity

•Soft Close

•Assembling possible

•Locked when they are placed out

This characteristic is essential to consider. The function of each slide matters a lot.

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