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What is a full extension drawer slide?

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Drawer slides are located on the sides of the drawers present in our rooms and kitchens. They consist of ball bearings which are oiled and help in the fluid movement of the drawer by pulling or pushing. They help to facilitate in the motion of the drawer as the drawer itself has too much friction because of the material it's made of is either wood or plastic or metal which would be too difficult to open and close.

This is where drawer slides come in handy to open and close the drawer with ease.

An obstruction is planted at the end of the drawer slide so that the drawer does not move out of its allotted space.

It is a useful tool and choosing the perfect drawer slide for your kitchen, room or table is a difficult task as there is a large variety of drawer slides to choose from and most of the time a person can get confused and buy the wrong item.

What makes the drawer slide different from one another?

Drawer slides vary on the basis of many aspects, one of them being the mount type.

You can choose between side, centre or under mount slides which are depending on your ease.

The place of the mount will facilitate you on the basis of the space you have available in the drawer space.

The side mount slides are the most common which are attached as pairs on each side of the drawer you can also get them as double layered slides for much more comfortable movement. The centre mount slide is sold only as single and attached at the bottom of the drawer used when there is not ample space on the sides of the drawer.

The under mount slides are also attached at the bottom of the drawer but on either side and as pairs, helps to facilitate the movement much easier than the centre mount as the centre mount can also encounter of the problem of keeping the drawer balanced. 

full extension

Full extension drawer slide:

Drawer slides come in three variants when it comes to the extension. ¾ extension drawer slides do not allow to open the drawer completely.

The over travel allows maximum movement of taking out the drawer.

The full extension drawer slide allows moderate movement outside the compartment of the drawer space.

These are stainless steel drawer slides which help in moderate access of the entire drawer and easy to use, they can also come with a self-closing functionality which is a very useful feature when you are working in the kitchen, or you are busy in multi-tasking, open drawers can become obstacles that can hurt you.


Full extension drawer slides are the most commonly used drawer slides used, and they are easy to install and allow for moderate movement of the drawer outside its compartment making it suitable for regular use and highly popular in kitchens and bedroom side tables. Hopefully, this article will help you in narrowing your search for the best drawer slide you require.

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