Types Of Finishing For Drawer Slides

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Choosing the right metal finish for a drawer slide is usually a difficult and delicate process.


In some cases, if this is not chosen properly, it may affect the function and life span of the metal.


Custom slide rails finish is a protective, chemical layer that assists a metallic surface to resist corrosion.


Also, apart from the stainless variety, steel is unprotected to light moisture; therefore, proper finishing will extend a custom slide rails life span.


Double layer slide company offers four types of coated finishes for its carbon steel slide which include: Black, Zinc, and White Electro coat Weather-Resistant.


However, choosing the right finishing may be difficult and complex. So, purchasing custom slide rails from a reliable manufacturer is the most recommended option for superb slides finishing.


Good finishing is required to protect the slides from corroding. You need to protect your sliders from elements in the environment and from a different application.


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Types of Drawer Slide Finish

Drawer slide brands offer different types of finishing, below are the different types of finishing



Zinc is the most common finishing out of the types of finishes. It uses a zinc base layer coated by black chromate or clear.  


Clear zinc coat opposes a moderate degree of corrosion. It best suit indoors environments like home and office drawer



Black electroplate by double-layer slide company is most times used, by comparison, it offers eight times more corrosion resistance as clear zinc.  


It also offers corrosion resistance on kitchen fixtures and appliances. It is used on a dark colored drawer.



White electro coat

This offers more corrosion resistance on kitchen fixtures and appliances compared to what black finish offers. It is normally applied on white colored custom slide rails


However, the colors help the custom slide rails blend into the applications they are used on.


Drawer slide brands weather-resistant slides use a standard zinc finish with an extra coating to protect the slide from the elements in outdoor applications.


The electro part is from the use that positive and negative attraction performs when bonding the desired finish to the slide part.  


The powerful attraction gives the finish and slide surface a strong bond that leading to a tidy and resilient finish. In addition, custom slide rails have high corrosion resistance.


How to test Drawer Slide Finishes

The types of finishes can be tested in a salt spray (also known as a salt fog) chamber.


As it is called, these chambers have slides exposed to salt spray. The more corrosion resistant a slide’s coating, the longer its exposure in the chamber


Take Away

Are you worried or concerned about how to keep your drawers neat and protect your slides from corrosion?  


You need not worry as double-layer Slide Company offers you the best types of Finishing for your drawer slides which protect it from corrosion.


Finishes are protective that assist slides to resist corrosion and give the slide a longer life span.


Whatever your choice of finishes may be, it is always the best idea to source them from a reputable and renowned double-layer Slide Company.


By doing so, you can have a high-quality drawer slide with a long and lasting lifespan.