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Customized Ball Bearing Slide Rail
customized ball bearing slide rail

Solutions For Your Market

Jinruda  focus on providing users with a sliding solution, Professionally customized ball bearing slide rail, With over 15 years’ experience, we know how the right solutions and optimization services supports your brand and contributes to your profitability. you can get our commitment to quality and service.

Kitchen Appliance

Corrosion resistance
Over 50kg loading capacity
Removable switch design
High-quality steel balls
UUnique fixed sturcture for steel balls to increase Stability

Car Armrest

Two way pull out and more customized designs based on requirements
Safety braking
High loading capacity
Corrosion resistance
Moisture resistance
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Tool Box

Fast and easy to install
Draw out up to 50,000 times
Customize travel distance based on customers' requirement
Damping(optional) to achieve
Lift Tables
Jinruda pursues high-quality products and performs excellently in the design of shell of server cabinet. Our professional team has devoted working enthusiasm to positively meeting clients’ needs, making the load-bearing performance of slides for shell of server cabinet excellent. 
Home Appliance

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Customize Your Slide Rail

All slides can be customised for your special requirements

Jinruda Overall Advantage

Here's Why Jinruda Slide Beats All Other Slide

Jinruda Overall Advantage

Here's Why Jinruda Slide Beats All Other Slide

Professional engineers

Professional engineers provide customers with best solutions and optimization services 


A series of certificates including ROHS and ISO ensure quality

Professional and large equipments

We are able to receive mass production orders due to professional and large equipments 

Quality tests

Quality tests are strictly guaranteed by professional devices such as pull test machine and salt spray test machine 

Convenient transportation

Located near highway, we offer more efficiency in the shipping process 
Jinruda corp. provide users with a sliding solution, Professionally customized slide rail. Jinruda was founded in 2004, More than 13 years of design and research experience, perfect quality control system, advanced manufacturing equipment. Our products are widely used in electronic instruments, auto parts, kitchen appliances, smart home, medical, financial and other industries. Our advantage is that we focus on providing customized solutions and optimization services for users, create high...

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