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Ball Bearing Slide Systems feature diversified products for all living areas, office environments, kitchen, and bathroom equipment. It meets the needs of customers for different uses of the highest quality with full extension and single extension slide options.

Ball bearing slide systems have been equipped with high-quality metal bearings and have been reinforced and designed with robust metal cage systems. It offers a quiet, smooth operation with comfortable open-close movement users’ need. Even in the maximum load capacity, it exhibits long life cycle performance with minimal noise and reverses push-pull forces.


Improved soft-closing technology

Ball Bearing Slide Systems have been designed with improved soft-closing technology for profile height products of 35 mm and 46 mm. It guarantees smooth closing performance while respecting all loads and operating speeds. Braking distances and gentle closing speed have been designed to ensure the highest level of user comfort for customers. The fixed locking mechanism optimizes the level of security. It helps the drawers to be used safely during opening and closing and locks them securely in the closed position.

Technical characteristics

  • Compatibility between drawer lengths of 185 mm and 700 mm

  • Single Extension (17, 27 mm) and Full Extension (35, 43, 46 mm) slides

  • Loading capacity up to 45 kg

  • Galvanized and transparent zinc finishing options

  • High tolerance values for easy assembly

Let’s take a look at other applications of the ball bearing system while considering some unique models like the integrated locking system:

Integrated locking / locking system (ISL) / locking system

The integrated locking/locking system (ISL) is designed to prevent the simultaneous opening of several drawers and, consequently, the possible tilting of the cabinet (anti-tilt).  

This system is fully integrated into the slides, which are interconnected by aluminum rods. As a result, mounting costs for these anti-tipping systems are among the lowest on the market. If the width of the drawer is greater than its depth, we recommend using the ISL system on both sides of the cabinet. In other cases, only one side is sufficient.  

In addition, the ISL system can be combined with a central locking system. Featuring easy mounting, this system connects the ISL with a central locking in the cabinet. Use on overhead doors is also possible. Fully self-adjusting, the locking system can be closed while a drawer is still open. Once this drawer closed, it will be locked also. In other words, a centralized lock makes it possible to block all the slides equipped with the ISL system and this lock can be placed in different places (fixation also possible in the pediment). The ISL runners are equipped with a built-in snooze function and can also be used separately.   

The ball bearing system is selective and central locking with a pitch of 25 mm. It fulfills the security requirements of many environments. No accidental locking in case of misuse. For workshop furniture mainly, and drawers up to 300 kg. This ball bearing slide system offers a complete system. 

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