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Basic Terms of Slide

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At present, there are roller slides, ball-bearing slides,wear-resistant nylon slides, gear slides and so on in the market. Conventional ball-bearing slide is composed of ball bearing, inner rail, outer rail, three-section rail, and intermediate rail.


All slides made by Jinruda are classified as ball-bearing slides with the advantages of heavy load, long service life, and stable motion. The range of length is 200-270mm, and the scale of rated load is 25-80kg.

Jinruda slides

Classification of slide:


According to load: light, medium, and heavy duty.

According to the number of sections: two-section, and three-section.

According to application: industrial / appliance / furniture / medical applications.


Structure of slide:


It consists of ball bearing, sequin, bead, plastic part, inner rail, outer rail, and intermediate rail. It is one-layer or two-layer.

Jinruda slides



The pull-out length from cupboard.


2/3 extension: the pull-out length accounts for 2/3 of the total length of slides, such as model: 2701.

Full extension: pull-out length is equal to the total length of slides, such as model:4501.

Over extension: pull-out length exceeds the total length of slides, such as model: 2708.

Two-way extension: slides are pulled out in two directions, such as model: 2704B200.


Gap of installation:


Calculating formula: (width of cabinet – thickness of slide) / 2

According to the length of cabinet, leave a space 50mm on the slide.




There is no problem in load test based on a pair of slides with the length of 400mm.


Resolution of disassembly:


Most slides are disassemble, and some customized slides cannot be disassemble.

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