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How Oil is Applied to Ball Bearing Slides for Truck Bed

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Truck bed are essential part of your truck, the truck bed is use for transporting loads of various sizes and shape. Having a ball bearing truck makes it very easy for your truck bed to move. But when the ball bearing is lacking lubrication, it becomes stuck and no longer allow movement of the truck bed. To fix this we have to apply grease and oil to lubricate the ball bearing slides. This article will reveal how Oil is applied to ball bearing slides for truck bed.


There are few things more frustrating than a stuck ball bearing slide. But the frustration become eliminated when you apply the necessary lubricating agents. Ball bearing slides are usually very easy to fix once the problem is recognized. Often, a ball bearing slide can pop out of the grooves it slides in, in which case you just need to direct the ball bearing slides back on its tracks. However, if a ball bearing is on its slides properly but is having a hard time moving smoothly or stuck, you likely need to lubricate both the ball bearing and its slides.

The summer is the time in which these problems usually occur and this is because of high humidity that can affect the truck bed drawers, the humidity can cause wooden truck bed to swell, creating friction and rubbing that make the truck bed immovable. In the fall and winter, when humidity is relatively low, the swelling of the truck becomes well reduced. To lubricate the ball bearing slides, all you have to do is to follow these procedures:

Remove the truck bed. Carefully pull out the truck bed to slide it off of the runners. You might need to lift it up slightly at the end to fully remove it. You can remove everything resting on the truck bed to make it light and easy to lift up.

Use a wet cloth to clean the area you want to lubricate. Wipe down the two runners and dry them. Be sure the runners are as clean and dry as possible before moving to the next stage.

Apply the lubricant on the runners. If you are using a spray lubricant, hold the spray nozzle very close to you. Spray the runner in increments, make use of short bursts to ensure the entire area is covered. If the lubricant you are using is in a squeeze bottle, make sure to coat the entirety of the runners, importantly the areas that make contact with the truck bed runners.  

Clean up any excess oil and put the truck bed back on the runners. Open and close it to allow the oil to cover the whole area and to ensure it is working properly.

Adding oil to your ball bearing truck bed is an activity you should do often. It will save you from a lot of stress. You don’t have to get this done as an emergency fix.

Addition of oil to your ball bearing slide truck door is very easy to do if you follow the above steps. 

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