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What are Ball Bearing Drawer Slides?

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Most times choosing a new cabinetry, changing office or kitchen furniture can be a confusing task as to choosing the kind of drawers to go for. There are various slides and drawers to choose from, one of which is ball bearing drawer slides and roller slides. But ball bearing drawer slides have basic characteristics and also have features that make them the best option for your cabinetry.

The ball bearing drawer slides which is breakthrough in the carpentry design world. Combines wooden designs, a ball bearing and a bit of metals for added rigidity. You can imagine a train on its track to be the drawer slide. It has rollers that make them as silent as possible when drawn, hence no noisy closing and opening of wardrobes.

They coming with good fitting to locking devices which is a new dimension when it comes to adjustability, in fact it is nothing compared to old kinds of drawers. The drawer slides come with some requirements to enable these awesome features.

Ball bearing slides are made mostly of high grade steel; steel in the construction industry is of high strength which makes your ball bearing slides durable and lasting over roller slides cabinets.

The ball bearing drawer slides have a very efficient clipping systems that when you pull, you are sure your drawer will not fall off thereby throwing away its contents. However, if you wish to remove your cabinets either for cleaning or any other reason, there is an allocation where you can unlock the hook and take the drawer off, as easy as that.

The Mount: the ball bearing drawer slides allows various kinds of mounts depending on your choice and the load of your cabinets, of course they come with cabinet ratings. You can choose from the:

Side-mount ball bearing slides which come pairs when you want to purchase, also comes with a slide that is attached to each side of the drawer. They most times require a clearance of half inches between the slides and sides of the cabinet opening for proper installation and efficiency.

There are the center mount ball bearing slides, where the slides are below the drawer in the center.

Under-mount slides are the next ball-bearing slides that are also sold in pairs. They are mounted to the sides of the drawer also below the drawer, they also come with locking devices and require much lesser clearance between cabinet opening and drawer slides.


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