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What are Drawer Slides Called?

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The drawer slides can also be called drawer cushion as the metal slides allow the cabinet to glide in and out of their openings effortlessly. 

There are different types of slides, which makes it daunting to determine which to buy.

Here, we'd be looking at how to choose the best one for the job.

Let's get started!

What makes up a slide?

The two mating pieces that make up the drawer slides are the drawer profile and the cabinet profile. While the drawer slides into the cabinet profile, the ball bearings allow smooth movement of the parts in contact.

Soft-close ball bearing drawer slides are designed to support heavier loads. Compared to the roller slides, the ball bearing slides are more expensive due to the heavy-duty materials and the sophisticated construction.

Slide visible or not 

Another factor to consider when you want to choose a slide is if you would like it to be visible when you open the drawer or not. To enable them to blend better with dark or light drawer boxes, some of the visible slides are available in a wide range of colors such as black, brown, ivory, or white. 

Hide that slide

You can conceal those slide rails that are visible from the front by constructing a drawer front that has the lid wider than the box or by simply adding a false front to the drawer box.

2704B440-ZP light duty slide rail

Consider your access to the drawer

How far the drawer can open affects your access to the drawer box. For those overhanging countertops which may disrupt your access, you can consider the overtravel slides. The overtravel slides are designed to let the drawer extend beyond the cabinet.

Consider the load capacity

The heavy-duty slides can carry more than 100lbs, the medium-duty up to 100lbs, and the light-duty slides up to 75 lbs weight ratings. 

Consider the slide measurements

You will be able to buy slides that work for your cabinet when you take accurate measurements. 

Consider the Installations

When it comes to the frameless cabinets of the soft drawer slides rail, you'll have to screw the cabinet profile to the cabinet side. Manufacturers usually provide standoffs and brackets to fasten either the back or side of the cabinet. However, it is possible to customize your standoffs from the wood scraps. 

Again, the front of the slide should attach to the face-frame stile on the cabinet. 

The front of the slide should be secured to the face frame. 

Now, the options to consider when choosing your drawer slides are clear to you. However, ensure that you consider all these tips, including the installation requirements. Doing so will surely help you pick the most suited slide for your project. 

Let's look at some fancy options that you'd enjoy!

Detent and locking slides are ideal for the cutting boards, and small appliance stands. They prevent unintended movement by holding in a set position until pushed. 

In the progressive movement slides, all segments move simultaneously, providing a smooth glide. All segments are pulled at the same time.

The touch-release drawer slides open with a touch. It is best suited for those sleek cabinets that don't require any pulls. The self-closing slides are designed in a way that allows just a gentle press on the drawer front to pull the drawer closed. The soft-close drawer slides help to ensure that the box doesn't slam by slowing the drawer as it closes. 

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