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What are the Parts of A Drawer?

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The drawer is a box which you can open and shut easily. It is fixed in the fixture items. The front of this box incorporates frames, hinges, or other things. It incorporates sides, drawer slide, back, bottom, and glides. 

What are the parts of a drawer?

There are several parts of a drawer. These parts will be different in thickness and quality. Different manufacturers are offering these parts in a wide variety. At the moment, we are going to tell you about the parts of the drawer. Have a look:

1. Drawer Box

It is the main part of the drawer. The manufacturers create the boxes in customized sizes. However, the standard drawer box size along with the solid hardwood back and sides should be half inch thick. It has to be made with the dovetail joints. The bottom of this box is made out of plywood, which is hard and durable.

There are a few drawer boxes that are made up of metal, plywood sides or plastic. The sides of the inexpensive box will meet at the notched joints. These joints are protected with the help of the staples. The material of the drawer box and the construction of the joint are imperative things to consider. The reason behind it is that the bottom of the drawer box and joints are the things that fail easily.

slide rails

2. Drawer Slide Rail

The drawer slide rail is a small device that is utilized to facilitate the motion of the drawer. It makes the opening and shutting of the drawer smooth. There was a time when drawers were not supported by these rails due to which the users had to face many problems. To overcome the issues, these slide rails were introduced in the market. They low down the friction level of the wooden drawers all through sliding on the wooden surfaces.

3. Drawer Slides

The drawer slide is fixed to the sides of the drawer. They are also linked to the drawer unit. With the help of the ball bearings, it is possible to open and shut the drawer. These slides and ball bearings make the motion noise-free and smooth. Many manufacturers are using the slides in the heavy-duty drawers. The reason behind it is that the drawer slide is good enough to deal with the heavyweights instead of other things.

When it comes to choosing the drawer slide, then you have to be very careful. It is important to keep in mind that the slide and drawer lengths are the same. In this way, the drawer will work smoothly. 

4. Drawer Fronts

The drawer fronts are designed and created from the solid hardwood. The manufacturers usually keep them half an inch thick. These drawer fronts are strong enough due to which they do not come out alone when an individual opens the drawer. These drawer fronts are properly fixed with the sides and bottom of the drawer box. The central panel material of these fronts is available in a big assortment. The manufacturers choose the material according to the design and style of the drawer.

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