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What Is the Ball Bearing Slide?

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The ability of machine parts or home pieces of equipment to move is usually affected by the type of slides installed in them. The better the efficiency of the slide, the higher the effectiveness of the machine and vice versa.

What is a ball bearing slide?

Ball bearing slides belong to a group of slides known and referred to as the “linear motion bearing slides”. These are slides that have been specifically designed to allow free movement in a specific direction (usually, unidirectional). The application of linear motion bearing slides in roller tables, XY tables, machine slides and some other dovetail slides shows their usefulness to any type of equipment they are installed in. These ball bearing slides have been used to provide the drive mechanisms which helps these parts move easily.

Ball bearing slides are the most important types of linear slides with the other types being; rolling element bearing, dovetail slides, rolling slides, rack slides, plain bearing and compound slides. These ball bearing slides usually come in handy whenever there is a high need for smooth precision motion along a single-axis of linear design which is aided by ball bearings kept in a linear base, with self-lubrication which increases the slide's reliability and efficiency. 

The application of ball bearing slides:

Ball bearing slides, just like every other member of the linear motion slides have found use in the following applications:

·         Delicate instrumentation

·         Cabinetry

·         High-end applications and clean room environments

·         Robotic assembly

·         Electronics

·         Furniture

·         Construction industries.

ball bearing slides

Ball bearing slides are mostly useful in places where a low-friction linear movement is required. In some cases, this movement is mostly empowered either by hand or inertia mechanisms.

They have found use in the following equipment

·         Drawers and kitchen cabinets

·         Manufacturing of robots

·         Household furniture and others


Ball bearing slides are manufactured from materials such as hardened cold rolled steel and galvanized steel or aluminum. The type of material used in the creation of ball bearing is strictly based on the manufacturer’s choice. Regardless of the type of material used in the production of ball bearing slides, they can be used to perform the same function with a good precision.

Parts of a ball bearing slide

A ball bearing slide comes with two linear rows of ball bearings which are contained by four rods and located on different sides of the base. These tend to support the carriage for smooth linear movements along the ball bearings.


·         They are easy to manipulate

·         The rate of breakdown is usually minimal


·         They are limited by the need to fit into housing or drive systems.

·         They are usually installed on equipment that handles lightweight materials.

·         They are Less resistant to wear and abrasions which can limit their use


Using a ball bearing slides in your equipment generally depends on your taste, the type of movement involved and the weight of the load to be carried by this appliance.


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