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What needs to be done before installing the drawer slide

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A stuck drawer can be really annoying and frustrating. If your drawer often pops out of its grooves, you only need to slide it back in. but if a drawer is properly positioned on its slides and refuses to move and is stuck, lubricating both the drawer and its slides might get it back on track.

In the summer, humidity is usually very high and this can affect wood drawers. Wood swells, friction is created and this eventually produces rubbing which makes the drawer hard to open. As humidity drops in the fall and winter, swelling of the drawer decrease. Bu if you had reduced the thickness of the enlarged edges, the drawer may wobble, or the wood may experience a malconformation.

In a case where your drawer keeps sticking and does not slide properly, you should properly examine it to determine exactly where the problem is stemming from. First, the drawer has to be pulled from its cabinet and the drawer slides checked for any problems. Check out for warping, obstructions, swelling, wear or damage.

Lubricating drawer slides

To lubricate your drawer slides, you will need to damp cloth and a lubricant ( the best choice is often the white lithium grease).

The steps are simple and are outlined below:

#1 first, remove the drawer.

Carefully slide it off by slowly pulling it out. Sometimes, a little lifting might be necessary to fully separate it especially for center mount drawer slides. if you need to empty the drawer to make it lighter, that will be great. But if not, while pulling it out, be careful of its weight.

#2 clean the area you want to lubricate with a damp cloth. Wipe and dry both runners and ensure they are clean and dry.

#3 lubricate the runners. You could either use a spray lubricant or one in a squeeze bottle. For a spray lubricant, hold the noozle very close and spray the entire area of the runners suing short bursts. Either way, ensure that every area that makes contact with the drawer runners is properly coated. You can carry out the drawer slides measurements to enable you know what quantity of lubricants to get.

#4 if there is excess lubricant, clean it off

#5 fix the drawer on the runners. Make sure the lubricant covers the whole area as you constantly open and close it to ensure it is working properly.

It is advisable to lubricate your drawers regularly as part of routine maintenance. It allows for easy renovation or upgrade of the drawers when there is need for such. It also helps your drawers to be in good condition for a very long time. Measuring for drawer slides will enable you in

A problem that often arises in kitchen cabinets and older furniture is the friction caused by contact between the wood drawer slide and the drawer. This problem is often handled by lubrication with a variety of different products. These products are candle wax, paste wax, spray-dry lubricant, a sheet of wax or the silicon tape. 

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