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What Size Drawer Slide Do I Need?

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You may have observed that your home or office drawer has a product fixed on the left or right side that helps the movement of a drawer in such a way that it is noiseless and smooth. This product is known as a drawer slide.

A drawer slide is available in different sizes and selecting the right size drawer can be very difficult if you don' t have multiple options. First of all, I want to mention a procedure with the help of which you can select the correct slide for your drawer. It is said that the size of the drawer slide depends upon how you want to use it. If you' re going to use the slide on the sides of the drawer, it is recommended that you should take the measurement of the distance between drawer slide and the bottom of the drawer opening and then exclude the half inches of distance. The obtained result should be the size of your slide.

The same procedure goes for different styles of slides and the excluding difference of length can be variable. A point that is worth noticing is that you need to have the proper knowledge of the company that manufactures the drawer slide so you can invest your amount at the correct product. I want to mention some details of a China-based company named JINRUDA. JINRUDA is experienced in making different size and style of slides. The products that they manufacture have various features. One of the main features is overextension, full extension, and 2/3rd extension. It means that if you want your drawer to open extra for your convenience, you can have the slider as per your requirement and you can follow the same procedure other requirements as well.

Every individual has its own choice regarding the working system of the drawers. Some of you may like a drawer to have a soft closing system. While some of us may like our drawer to work on a pull system and few of use may like the drawer to work on a push system.

Soft Close

The drawer slide that works on the soft closing system helps the elder peoples. This soft close system allows the drawer to close without putting extra force or without slamming the drawer. As soon as you get your hands off the drawer and apply little pressure, the drawer will close gently. The length of this slide varies between 300mm to 800 mm.

The pull out lock drawer slide system works in such a way that the slides will automatically close if you pull the drawer. This slide is available in different lengths between 250mm to 700mm. The company uses cold-rolled steel to make ball bearing include in the slider, which helps the slide to work gently and smoothly.

I want to mention here that the push to open drawer slide has a nudge in the front side of the drawer that removes the requirement of a handle. This style of the slide is mostly used in modern kitchens.

JINRUDA makes a different slide with quality steel, so their products have the standard durability and stability.

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