Tool Cart

Application- Tool Cart

Jinruda provides customizable toolboxes and slides for file cabinets, enabling suppliers’ products to generate quiet, smooth, and fluent user experience, and to elevate the asthetic level.

File Cabinet

Applications: commonly used tool cart, tool kit, and file cabinet.

Characteristics of file cabinet’s slides made by Jinruda:

  • Smooth and stable motion

  • Fast installation

  • Mute design of damping

  • Automatic closing function

Tool Kit, Cart

Characteristics of slides: damping design, hook design, stable and durable.

Characteristics of tool kit’s slides made by Jinruda:

  • Customized full extension or over extension based on the demands

  • Life test based on specific needs of suppliers

  • Fast installation and easy disassembly

  • Stable and smooth motion

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