Design Capacity

Our advantage is that we focus on providing customized solutions and optimization services for users.

Let our professionals custom your projects

Send us your drawing for checking

CAD or dimensional drawing both ok. Or just provide technical parameters, We can handle the design and work out most suitable solution for you.

Confirm drawing

We'll provide proposals according to customer needs and confirm parametric design and drawings.

Mold development

We can develop molds if you have special requirements for the products.

We have our own workshop with high equipped molds, which can ensure the capacity of 500,000 each month.

Sample confirmation

For standard products, we can offer free samples very soon. And we'd love to hear from your feedback to improve our products.

Mass production

The production processions include rolling, stamping, surface treatment, assembly and packaging. All processions are strickly under the quality control system of ISO9001 and IATF16949.

Ontime delivery

Our ERP system can guarantee our timely delivery.

Keep updating

We keep updating our equipment, processes, increase the production efficiency and reduce costs . All we do is to offer youwith more cost-effective products.

Please email your requirements to our technical department at: or Fill in the form below

(All we need is your simple sketch of requirement)

Need Something Different? Let’s Talk.

Need more information or want to place an order? Contact your JINRUDA sales representative. If you’re new to JINRUDA, let us know how to reach you and we’ll get the right person in touch.