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Application- Kitchen Appliance

Advanced kitchen appliances will boost the future development of the integrated kitchen obviously. Slide rails play a key role in kitchen appliance choosing progress complying with latest trends.

Slide rails will help integrated kitchen as below:

 Unique material and intelligence show high-tech

 Embedded design saves space

 Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

 Harmonious appearance

Jinruda cooperated with many famous appliance companies (Haier, Electrolux, aupo, Pentium) in business of slide rails. Combining the experience of using from these high-quality customers, Jinruda has completed the application for kitchen appliances industry.

Range Hood

Range hood will open automatically under perfect cooperation between the motor and the slide rail after the range hood is turned on.

Special requirements for slide rails:

 Special damping force with motor power

 Fully silent design

 25°inclined installation

Integrated Cooker, Disinfection Cabinet

Use together with hanging basket to access cutlery, Do not take up space ,easy installation, Easy to store/remove tableware

Special requirements for slides rail:

 High quality stainless steel

 Excellent wet resistance ability

 Safe load capacity  (above 50 kg)


Jinruda brings safe sliding solutions for cooking, including:

 Metal heat-resistant structure and special grease

 Medium duty slide and heavy duty slide both can be applied

 High strength ensures minimal clearance and shaking

Refrigeration Equipment (Refrigerators)

Refrigerator Drawer can use Jinruda Slides, such as:

 Special surface paint treatmentd

 Food Grade Greased

 Light duty slide and medium duty slide both can be applied

Air Purifier

Slide rails applied to filters, dust storage boxes facilitates installation and removal.

Special requirements for slides rails:

 Within 150mm

 Dust-proof design

 Over travel

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