4510-BZ 4510-BZ

This product is suitable for furniture cabinet,such as activity cabinet, bathroom cabinet etc.
If this product does not solve your sliding needs.Please contact us and our engineers will provide you with the best sliding solution.

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  • Model: 4510-BZ
  • Brand: Jinruda
  • Length: 300mm--700mm
  • Load rating: 99 lbs (45kg) 
  • Width: 45mm 
  • Extension: full extension 
  • Material: cold-rolled steel 
  • Material Thickness: 1.2*1.2*1.4mm 
  • Function: Locked When Closed  Soft Close 
  • Mounting method: Holes  Side Mount 
  • Ball bearing: cold-rolled steel 
  • Finish: Black Electrophoretic Paint 
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Product Details:

4510-BZ-34 4510-BZ-43