A Comparison Between Damping Slide and Common Slide

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In recent years, China increasingly grows more and more powerful, and people live better and better. Therefore, their pursuits of products become higher and higher. As for slides of furnitures, people now start to chase better user experiences.

Damping slides

Damping slides

Damping slide can slow down the speed and reduce the impact. When closed, it has a soft effect. Even if a drawer is propelled by force, the drawer will be closed gently to ensure perfect and quiet movement. It also decorates our home lives.

damping slides

The princilple of damping slides:

Through the hydraulic cylinder, oil in a slide, resistance will be formed when the slide faces the limit of closure, which then has a buffer effect. Another principle – through air pressure is similar to that previous principle we mentioned. Just oil is changed into air in a slide.

damping slides

The structure of damping slides:

There are fixed rail, intermediate rail, adjustable rail, ball, clutch and buffer.

Buffer is installed in the fixed rail. A buffer includes piston rod, housing, and piston. Through-holes and holes are in piston. Piston rod drives piston’s movement, and liquid can flow through the though-hole from one side to the other side, thus playing a buffer and damping effect.

Common slide

common slides