Heavy Duty Drawer Slides are Used in Homes and Industrial Company

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There are several applications of the Drawer Slides. You are sure to find a drawer slide that serves or matches your needs ranging from mere pennies to more than a hundred dollars. Here in this article, we will be looking at the weight capacity, the cost and the potential applications of the different types of drawer slides.

heavy duty drawer slides

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The very light and cheap drawer slides.

There are lightweight and cheap drawer slide options to consider if you're simply in the market for basic slides. For example, you can find the European epoxy slides which are relatively inexpensive. Due to their nylon wheels, they are specifically designed only to be able to handle light loads. They are designed to support weights as high as 75 pounds. However, to ensure a long term use, it is recommended that you aim for lighter loads.

There are also ball bearing drawer slides which come in relatively cheap designs though they are slightly stronger than the European epoxy slides. These slides have been designed for bath and basic kitchen drawer installations as well as for home office situations. Here, you are sure to find slides that require that you make a full extension to be able to access the contents of your drawer.

The average capacity slides

These average capacity drawer slides are perfect for more mobile purposes. The good thing about this mid-to-heavy range of drawer is that they fall between the light drawers which can be used easily and the higher weight capacity slides which aren’t meant to be used as frequently as they only hold extremely heavy items. This is a great advantage, and a perfect choice for use in the office where they are used to store scores of paper and files, iron pans, mid to heavy range slides and still can be easily accessed. With around $20 to $50 you are sure to get durable 150-pound slides.

The heavy duty drawer slides

When it comes to the heavy duty drawer slides, it is possible to purchase those with weight capacity up to 500 pounds. These super strong and durable slides have several applications. When you talk about the computer server for example, there complicated, delicate and heavy equipment involved. You can set up and organize the serve in drawers or shelving if you have a storage room or closet. To ensure that you securely store all your delicate equipment and keep your server smoothly running, you need the strongest and most heavy weight slides.

At one point or the other, you need sturdy storage options, it doesn’t matter if just keep your tools out of the house or use your garage as a project space. Irrespective of how heavy your tools are, the heavy duty drawer slides are a great option to store them. There is no need to worry about anything flying out of the shelf or clattering onto your feet with a 500-pound weight capacity Heavy Duty triple extension drawer slide.

These sturdy slides are best to keep items you need accessible such as keeping a generator on your trailer for extra assistance or emergencies.