How to Install Drawer Slides?

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This is not that difficult of a task as many people may think of it. With some serious steps, one can successfully complete this task. This is what we provide for you when we say that some serious steps are needed for it to be successful. We will essentially provide some series of steps that will take you through each process that helps you overcome this task with relative ease and no stress. If you are ready, then pick up your drawer slide, and go on to attach your drawer.

 drawer slide

First, you need to find out how you want it extending outward:

There are three ways you can do this. One way is to apply the slide rail on the sides of the compartment where you are going to put your drawers. Another way can be the under mount, which means the sliding rails will be fixed under the drawer. There can be a single center mount, which means only one slide rail is used and at the center. There is also the extending rail that can essentially take the whole drawer out from a compartment. All of them have the same installation techniques.


What type you want depends on you but we can tell you some things to help you choose better. Side mounted ones can take more weight, one central mount is least expensive and of low quality. The under mounts are concealed under the drawers.


Mark the measurements of the compartment where you want to install the drawer:

This includes the width and height of the compartment. This is important because the size of a cabinet drawer slide is dependent on the compartment it is going to come in. When all done with it, then move on to the next step.  


Bring the slides and install them on the compartment:

Apply the slides to the marked measurements of the compartment. You should have bought the slides according to the marked measurements of the compartment. Additionally, they should have also been according to the measurements of the drawer itself. Position the slide rail over marked measurements. Drill the holes where the screws will come through the holes of the drawer slide. Then to finally install them put screws there to fix it there.


Now mark and install the extensions in the drawer itself:

This is where the extensions are going to come in, which essentially provide the moving mechanism of the drawers and are part of the rails that you bought. These will essentially go into the rails that will hold the drawer into the compartment.  


Repeat the steps of the process 3 on this list, then your extensions will be installed too.  


Insertion of the drawer into the compartment:

Now all you have to do is hold the drawer with extensions on the same point as the runner rails drawer in the compartment. Give it a little push and see if it goes in it, if it does then you did all the processes right, if not then there is something wrong, and you shall repeat the steps again.