What are self-closing drawer slides?

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The self-closing drawer also known as soft close drawer is a unique type of drawers that retract back into the cabinet with a simple push. Once pushed, the bearings, either side-mounted or top-mounted, move the drawer by sliding it. If the drawer slides are stuck, small adjustments may be necessary to restore movement.

soft drawer slider

Drawer slide mounting options

Let’s look at some of the drawer slide mounting options.

Hidden Sliding or Undermount: Here, the slides are installed beneath the drawers. The hidden slides ae invisible and cannot be seen even when the box is extended. So far, the undermount soft drawer slides are becoming the best option for kitchen cabinets. The advantage is that they don’t interfere with the beauty of the interior décor.

Side mounting: Here, the slides are attached to the sides of the drawer boxes and also to the sides of the cabinet. For easy access to the soft drawer slides probably to rectify a fault, a considerable space should be left on the sides of the drawer.


The two common types of soft close or self-close drawer slides include the undermount styles and the side mount. While the side mount soft close glides are easier to install, the undermount glides provide a more elegant look while concealing the slides underneath the box. They don’t interfere with the beauty of the interior.

The soft close drawer slides perform an excellent job in protecting the drawer from physical damage commonly caused by closing it too quickly. By using hydraulic dampers, in addition to increasing the duration and strength of the cabinet, the hydraulic dampers help reduce noise. These slides use a hydraulic cylinder or other mechanism to enable the drawer movement, damping the closing movement and pulling the drawer completely closed.


How to adjust self-closing drawers

Now, we will be looking at the various steps to adopt when trying to adjust the side mount soft close drawers.

Let’s get started!

Step 1

Remove the drawer from the mounted corridors. If the tray does not come out easily, look under the drawer for obvious obstructions in eliminating equipment prevention.


Step 2

Clean the metal sheets in the drawer with a soft cloth. Remove any residue or dirt. Clean the mounted guides with a soft cloth. Be careful not to erase any lubrication. Spray sliders and runners with compressed air, if available, to help clean up dust and dirt that may be causing problems.


Step 3

Tighten the screws used to mount the slides. Loose screws can interfere with drawer slides soft close, causing friction or preventing the drawer from closing completely.


Step 4

Replace the drawer on the mounted guides. Locate the levers under the drawer at the front of the retention clips. With your hands on the lever, lift the drawer to adjust the height and release when you have reached the desired height. The variations in the height adjustment mechanisms depends on the manufacturer and the type of assembly.


Step 5

Unscrew and replace the drawer dampers if the self-closing drawer closes at a stroke instead of a soft close. If the piston in the shock absorbers is worn, they may need to be replaced.