Where should Kitchen Cabinet Knobs be Placed?

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As one of the easiest and quickest ways of updating our kitchen, you may decide to change the knob on your cabinet. But the question you are likely going to ask is 'where should the kitchen cabinet knobs be placed?'

When placing the kitchen cabinet knobs, you need to consider factors such as ease of access. Here, let's look at the various spots you can place your kitchen cabinet knobs to obtain the best comfort when accessing the drawer. 

Drawer Placement

The best option is to centralize the pulls or knobs on the drawer front. The knobs can be centered horizontally or vertically, so they are placed at the drawer center. This is so for average-sized drawers. However, it should be a little closer to the top than the bottom of the drawer front. When the handle or knob is towards the top, it makes it easier to open a deep drawer. 

Lower Cabinet Placement

Here, the knob is placed near the door top on the stile. This makes it easier for you to reach the handle without having to bend over too far. The knob should be centralized on the stile in such a way that it is between two and four inches from the edge of the top. You can center the top edge of the hardware or consider other options like lining it with the bottom edge. 

Upper Cabinet Placement

The knobs should be placed in the lower corners for upper cabinets. This is to enable ease of access to the handle. You can attach handles or cabinet pulls to the stile to provide more convenience. Another way to achieve more comfort when reaching the knob is to centralize the knob on the stile in a horizontal position. 

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Now, we're going to be looking at how you can fix the knob.

Let's get started!

1. You need to know the exact number of nobs you'd be needing for the different drawer boxes in the cabinet. You can do this by counting each of the drawers. Count again to be sure of the number of knobs, you won't want to miscount. 

2. Determine the size of the pulls for the project by measuring the distance between the centers of the screw holes. You can also decide on the type of knob you'll be needing. 

3. The next thing is to decide on the size of the knobs for the project. When deciding on the size of the knob especially for the kitchen cabinet drawer soft close, you need to be careful. Consider the size of the frame. However, the size of the knob should be proportional to the size of the cabinet frame. There is room for individual preferences though. So, it would help if you stuck to what works for you. 

4. You also need to determine the screw sizes you'd be needing for the project. Knobs do come with different sizes of screw, so you need to check it will work for the installation of the chosen knob. Sometimes, the drawers will need two or more different furniture pieces that vary in their sizes. For the drawers and cabinets with separate pieces, screws with sizes that can pass through 1 ½" - 1 ¼"  of substrate or wood may be required. This is also necessary when building the undermount kitchen drawer slides soft close.