Drawer Slide Suits Deep Drawer For Heavy Pots And Appliances

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Choosing the right drawer slides for your cabinet may seem like a daunting task whether you are installing a new cabinet or updating your kitchen cabinet drawer. How do you choose your drawer slide?

Well, we are here to support you in making the right choice when selecting a drawer slide for your cabinet. This will help you enjoy the value of your money, and give you the needed comfort.  

Before you choose your kitchen cabinet drawer tracks, there are basic things you should consider. Knowing this will assist you to make the best choice for your kitchen cabinet.


Drawer Slide Mount Type

There are three (3) major drawer slide mounts. They are the undermount, the side-mount, and the center mount. The space between the drawer box and the cabinet opening will determine your decision.

a. The Side-Mount

The side-mount slides are mostly sold in pairs. There is a slide that attaches to each side of the drawer. It is available with either roller or ball-bearing mechanism.

b. The Center Mount

The center mount drawer slides are sold as single slides that mount under the center of the drawer. It is available with a ball bearing mechanism or in classic wood version.

c. The Undermount

The undermount drawer slides are sold in pairs. This ball-bearing slide mounts to the sides of the cabinet, and connects to the locking devices that are attached to the underside of the drawer.


The length of the drawer Slide

Most slides come in sizes that range from 10 inches to 28 inches. However, we have shorter or longer slides for special use. We also have heavy-duty drawer slides that are long.

Heavy-duty drawer slides are suitable for kitchen cabinet where heavy cooking pots and appliances could be kept without breaking down the slides. This is very important for you.


Drawer Slide Extension

The drawer slide extension shows how far the drawer can cover when open. It is advisable to use a drawer slide that allows the drawer to open for complete access. At least, a suitable kitchen cabinet drawer tracks should meet this feature.


The Weight Rating Of Drawer Slides

Weight rating is important when selecting slides for heavy-duty use such as pots, appliances, pantry pull-outs, and file drawers. The rating of slides is from 75 to 150 pounds. A suitable drawer slide for sale should hold the weight you put on it.


Motion Features

Slides come with different motion features for the opening and closing of the drawer. The self-close slides return the drawer into the cabinet when the drawer is pushed in the direction.

The push to open slide open with a nudge on the drawer front, preventing the need for pulls or handles. This is a good option for a modern kitchen cabinet. The soft-close slide comes with a dampening effect to return the drawer into the cabinet gently so that it does not slam.

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There are different drawer slides for the cabinet. The type of drawer slide you choose should meet your needs.

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