How do ball bearing drawer slides work?

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Slide rails, also known as guide rails and slide rails, refer to hardware connecting parts that are fixed on the cabinet of the furniture and allow the drawers or cabinet plates of the furniture to move in and out. The slide rail is suitable for connecting drawers such as cabinets, furniture, document cabinets, bathroom cabinets and other wooden and steel drawers.


The drawer or drawing board on high-end furniture is usually installed on the drawer slides and rollers. Its structure is: the drawer is fixed on the drawer slides and rollers, and the drawer slides and rollers are placed on the fixed slide rail of the furniture. Balls are installed between the fixed slide rails, which can greatly reduce the pulling friction and improve the feel when pulling the drawer.


But how do ball bearing drawer slides work


The positioning pin is caught in the recessed side recessed at the top of the guide slot. At this time, the return spring is elongated and the slide is positioned at the front end of the guide slot. When the slide rail is pushed in the direction of the slide, the hook end The inclined surface of the hook end that protrudes laterally will first touch the positioning pin located in the notch of the guide groove.


The positioning pin is pushed out of the notch by the inclined surface and enters the hook groove of the lock hook along the inclined surface, and the slider springs to the end along the longitudinal guide groove under the action of the return spring.


desk drawer slide

At the same time, the positioning pin that enters the lock hook also drives the lock hook and the pull-out slide rail to spring to the tail end of the guide groove together, which enables the drawer installed on the pull-out slide rail to be locked in the drawer relatively stably under the action of the return spring Position; when the slide rail is pulled outward, the lock hook drives the positioning pin to move toward the front end of the guide groove, and the return spring is elongated.


As it reaches the top, the hook end of the lock hook that continues to move outward pushes the positioning pin into the top of the guide groove The notch recessed to the side repositions the slide in that position, while the pull-out slide that has disengaged from the positioning pin continues to go out and pulls the drawer out.


There are many drawer slides sizes. The main sizes on the market are 10 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches and so on. You can choose the appropriate size according to the model of each drawer, not the bigger the better. The roller drawer slide, which can be directly installed on the side panel, has a slot height of 17 or 27 mm, and its specifications are 250 mm, 300 mm, 350 mm, 400 mm, etc.


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