How do I Choose a Drawer Slide?

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There has been improvements in the bearing sector particularly in the manufacture of drawer slides. Today, there is a wide variety of drawer slides in the market today. However, it makes it difficult and a daunting experience in choosing the best drawer slides for your application. For the newbies, your question will be centered on how to choose the correct drawer slide that you really need? Whether for the office, shop, and work station or for a personal project, the selection of slides in the right drawer can add the right touch to any space.

 drawer slides

Here are some tips for you!

If you are interested in the bidirectional slides, it is important that you consider the type of extension and the length of the slide, the frame, the color, the weight limit, the finish and the mark.


Loading capacity

When selecting a drawer slide a very important factor to consider is the load classification. You will be able to see a wide range of slides categorized in light, medium and high load classifications. The collections ranges from 10 kg drawer slides suitable for most kitchen drawers, to heavy duty slides up to 250 kg used to store tools and industrial components in drawers.


Fixation method

This is another means by which the slide is placed in the drawer. There are three main varieties involved in the fixation method and they are central assembly, lateral assembly, and inferior assembly.


Repair positions

The location of the drawer slide is very important. Generally, for the fixed lower roller, it is naturally be attached to the bottom of the drawer, however, for the ball bearing slide, it is usually attached to the side of the drawer. You can look out for slides with multiple holes to facilitate their installation depending on the size of the housing.


Installation width

This is the amount of space between the slide and the drawer unit or casing. The installation width will depend to a great extent on the position of fixation, the size of the slide, and its load capacity.

Drawer length

Considering the drawer unit size, there is the need for a drawer slide that accurately matches. However, when considering the drawer length, it is simply a measure of the longest dimension when the slide is fully closed. This implies that the length of the drawer should be in accordance with the length of the slide. The slides usually come in regular rounded lengths to the nearest 50mm, although the mini slides are a bit more irregular in their size.

These tips, if considered, will surely help you in choosing the right drawer slide for your application.

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