How Much Space do You Need for Drawer Slides?

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It does not matter whether you want to go for the new cabinetry or update your kitchen; you have to choose the right drawer slide. Well, there are many options readily available to you. It is a tough task to select one option.

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How much space do you need for drawer slides?

If you want to choose the best drawer slides, then you need to know how much space you will require. Moreover, there are different characteristics of slides which can assist you in making the right choice. These characteristics are as follows:

•    Mount Type

Different cabinet drawer slide have different mount type. These types include center-mount, side mount, and under-mount. The space amount between the cabinet and the drawer box will depend on the drawer slide you will choose.

The side-mount slides are available in sets and pairs. Each slide attaches to one side of the drawer. They can have a roller mechanism or ball-bearing. There should be half inch distance between the cabinet sides and ball bearing cabinet drawer slides.

On the other hand, the center-mount drawer slides are available as single slides. These slides mount up in the center of the drawer. They are accessible in the wood version or ball-bearing. The clearance depends on the slide thickness.

The under-mount slides have ball-bearing. They are accessible in pairs. They mount up to the cabinet sides and connect to the lock devices close to the drawer’s underside. It is not visible when the drawer is open.

•    Length

The slides come in different sizes. It ranges from 10 inches to 28 inches. The short and long slides are readily accessible for particular applications. For center-mount and side-mount slides, measure the distance from the cabinet’s front edge to the inner face of the cabinet back as well as then subtract 1 inch. You can measure the length of the drawer for the under-mount slides. These slides should be of the same length as the drawer to work efficiently.

•    Extension

You need to consider the expansion of the drawer before choosing the slide. Decide how far you want to the drawer to move. The full extension enables the drawer to provides excellent access. For the over-travel, it allows the drawer to open beyond the full extension. It also provides complete access. When you want 3/4 extension, then the drawer part will remain in the cabinet. It is a decent option when you do not want to get full access.

•    Weight Rating

When it comes to the weight rating, then the slides usually weight 70 to 200 pounds. Nonetheless, there might be some slides that have a rate of fewer than 70 pounds or more than 200 pounds.

The rating of the weight is essential when picking the slides for heavy-duty applications. You can choose any drawer slide for the light-duty applications. However, you have to be conscious while choosing one for the heavy-duty.

Last Word

After looking at the above characteristics of runner rails drawer, it will be easy for you to judge how much space you need for these slides. Before picking a drawer slide, you have to go through all the characteristics mentioned above to make the right decision. Otherwise, you will face some issues.