How do you Install Soft-close Drawer Slides?

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Drawers play essential role in our daily lives. The drawers are an indispensable piece of furniture in every home as they help keep items in place and also helps us to save some delicate items. They are perfect in the kitchen areas as well as in the bedrooms and other places. 

Now, the question is how do you install the soft-close drawer slides? Before going into how to install the soft close drawer slides, it is important to first understand what the soft close drawer are.

First, soft close, as the name implies refers to the closing action of a piece of cabinet hardware.  This means that the hinge or the hardware closes effortlessly while minimizing sound in the best possible way. However, there are accessories that work together to ensure that the smooth movement of the drawer is achieved. One of the essential components is the soft close drawer slides, the soft close drawer tracks and more. 

The soft close drawer hardware does not slam on the frame like other cabinets, rather it controls the movement of the slide and the hardware until it gently laps on the frame. The advantages of the soft close drawers include full ball-mounted extension, precision operation, ease of assembly and more. 

furniture cabinet drawer slide

The soft close drawers are suitable for custom furniture in the kitchen as well as in the manufacturing industries. 

Now, let's get to ways to install soft-close drawer slides

Materials that you will need

  • Level

  • Pencil

  • Tape measure

  • Screwdriver

  • Drill

  • Mounting plates

  • Soft-close side-mount drawer glides

Step #1: Hardware and Drawer should be Removed

Get the drawer empty and take it off of the cabinet. The existing drawer slide should be unscrewed from the cabinet and the drawer.

Step #2: Install Drawer Glides

With the drawer placed on its side, the glide flush should be aligned with the bottom of the drawer. When doing so, you need to ensure that you position the small extending part of the glide to the front of the drawer. 

Using a pencil make a placement mark then predrill holes if necessary and screw the marked glide. Do the same for the rear and the other side of the drawer. 

Step #3: Install Cabinet Glides

The glide should be pulled back on the drawer to release the clip. A part of it should be removed from the drawer. The mounting clips should be attached to the back of the cabinet box clip, the front face frame clip and the glide. 

Step #4: Clips Should Be Attached

With the use of a screwdriver and a screw, attach the face frame clip. You can predrill holes if necessary. The back of the cabinet box should be attached with the back mounting clip. Before screwing in, you need to ensure that it's level. 

Step #5 Make necessary Adjustments

The distance of the glide at the back of the box and the front should be measured to ensure that they are aligned parallel to each other. Some adjustments to the screw should be make if necessary. To make sure the drawer fits into the glide, slide it.