How to Replace the Rollers on Cabinet Drawers Slides

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Cabinets are almost the basic furniture that every household has. The most common problem that cabinets face is the failure of cabinet slides. Do you know how to replace the cabinet slide? Next, I will introduce to you how to disassemble the cabinet slides. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

What is cabinet slide?

It is fixed on the cabinet of the furniture and it is a hardware connection component for the drawers or panels of the furniture to move in and out. The slide rails are suitable for the connection of wooden and steel drawers such as cabinets, furniture, document cabinets and bathroom cabinets. The cabinet drawer slide has important function and it influences whether the cabinet drawer can be pushed and pulled freely and smoothly, to what extent, how much load it bears, whether it can tip over. According to the current technology, the bottom drawer slide is better than the side slide and the overall connection with the drawer is better than the three-point connection. The materials, principles, structures and craftsmanship of drawer slides vary widely. High-quality slides have low resistance, long life and smooth drawers.

When choosing a cabinet, the quality of the drawer slide steel is also the most important. A good cabinet drawer can be pulled out without falling over and it is easy to disassemble. 

cabinet slide

How to replace the cabinet slide?

First you need to determine what kind of rails are in your home, such as three sections of tracks, two sections of tracks. Then pull the cabinet out easily, but be sure to maintain a stable state when pulling out, so as not to hurt the cabinet and the track when pulling out. Check to see if there are sharp buttons on both sides of the cabinet. If you see them, try to press down with your hands. If you can press it, you will hear a click. Then remove the cabinet currently but don't use too much force when you press it. If you don't understand it, something is stuck, you need to check it. After pressing it, take it out gently and keep it flat so that it won't hurt the track too much. After pulling it out, check whether the drawer's rails are deformed or otherwise. If you encounter deformation, usually adjust the position of the deformation, install it and fix it, and then place it in the original way. Into this, it can easily complete the removal and installation of drawer slide rails.

The above is all about how to replace the cabinet drawer slide. It is not difficult to replace the cabinet rails. Before you replace, you should first understand the structure and materials of the drawer rails. However, cabinet slides are not good if they need to be removed and replaced frequently, so the best way is to choose good quality slides when installing to avoid unnecessary trouble.