How to install invisible drawer slide?

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The drawer slide is the core part of the drawer, which is an essential item to carry the drawer. High-quality drawer slides ensure that drawers are more convenient and worry-free during use. There are many types of drawer slides, such as steel ball slides, roller slides, and silicon wheel slides. For the drawer to work properly, it is necessary to properly install the drawer. How to install the drawer slide is a question that many friends are asking. Do not worry, today I will introduce in detail how to install the drawer slide and the precautions for installing the drawer rails.

How to install drawer slides

1. For furniture drawers produced on-site by a carpenter, a drawer pulley needs to be installed. First, we must determine what the trajectory of the slide is, determine the length of the drawer, and then choose the size of the slide according to the corresponding specifications.

2. The installation method of the drawer can be divided into a low drawer and an inner drawer. The drawer panel of the low drawer is completely pushed into the box and arbitrarily protrudes. It is not a straight line to stay outside and above. After the inner drawer panel is completely pushed into the box, the inner drawer is also pushed into the cabinet without staying outside.

3. The drawer slide is divided into three parts: movable rail (inner rail), middle rail, fixed rail (outer rail).

4. Before installing the slide rail, you must remove the inner rail from the main body of the rail to move the rail. The removal method is very simple. Find the clip on the inner rail and gently press to remove the inner rail.

5. Install the outer rail and middle rail in the split slideway on both sides of the drawer box first, and then install the inner rail on the side panel of the drawer. If it is finished furniture, the drawer body and the drawer side panel have pre-punched holes for easy installation. If it is made on-site, you need to punch it yourself.

6. Finally, put the drawer into the box. When installing, pay attention to pressing the spring of the inner rail, and slowly push the drawer parallel to the box and the bottom. The connection between the movable rail and the fixed rail is connected, and the drawer can be freely pushed and pulled.

Installation precautions for drawer slides

1. The first is the choice of size. Generally, the length of the slide rail of the drawer should be the same as the length of the drawer. If the slide rail is too short, then the drawer cannot reach the maximum opening and closing. If it is too long, it will not be possible. installation.

2. For drawer slide rails, installation is still relatively simple. The key is how to remove them. In some drawer slide rails, there are detailed removal steps, and these steps can be removed well. Therefore, if you say that you want to install, you can reverse your thinking and restore it step by step from the disassembly step, then you know how to install the drawer slide.

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