Choose the right slide to make your drawers at home own longer life

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The slide rail has a great impact on the use of the drawer and the type of slide rail is relatively confusing. It often confuses the user and is taken away by the shopping guide at the end and he does not know that there is a difference in the slide rails.


drawer silde

Slide description

The most common types of rails heard

Non-professional favorite: damping, non-damping;

A more professional use: three quarters, bottoming, horseback pumping;



First: what is damping!

Keep it simple, the way of speaking is simpler, just push the drawer, can the slide rail go back. Therefore, the damped slide rail is the first intuitive requirement of most users!

Damping is performance but how to get the best performance is the key to selecting the slide rail. The low bottom support damping feeling is worse than the non-damping effect of the three-section Hedric slide rail. Many users do not know it.


Three section slides

Installation position: both sides of the drawer box

Minimum depth: 250mmThe three-section slide rail can also be damped, but the cost of the slide rail is different. The three sections are suitable for scenarios where the depth is not enough to install the bottom bracket and the scenario where the bottom bracket is not used.


Bottom rail

Installation position: bottom of drawer box

Minimum depth: 300mm; The bottom rail is relatively easy to hear on the market. The advantages are resistance and good weighing. The disadvantage is that the cost is slightly higher. The smoothness of the Blum rail is different. If you pursue hardware and spend money on the drawer slide rail, you will not regret it!


Riding pump

Installation position: both sides of the drawer box, directly replacing the side panel

Minimum depth: 270mm;

Riding pumping is the goal for our future selection of drawer slides! The disadvantages of riding pumps are no longer expensive. They are brisk, smooth, good load-bearing and quiet. All the praise words on the slide can be used on the riding pump!


Riding pump does not use drawer side panels, which reduces the weight of the drawer itself. This is an absolute advantage. The rest are extra points. If it is a large pump or high pump, riding pump is the best choice.


Slide rail drawers are an essential component in modern furniture. In the design of the entire drawer, small slide rails can have a significant impact on the quality of the entire drawer. Can those large and small drawers be free and smooth? How to push and pull the ground and load-bearing are all supported by the slide rail. So that it’s important to choose a reliable drawer slide rail manufacturer.