How to Use Ball Bearing Slide?

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Ball bearing slides are used in robotics, instrument construction, laboratories and clean room equipment and more. High-end appliances and cabinets, as well as the electronics and construction industry. Hidden slide rail are available in all sorts of furniture and storage units, as well as many robots around us.

A common daily use of ball bearings is drawer slides, because the weight and content of the drawer can be easily managed with ball bearings. 

However, ball bearings are not typically used in heavy-duty applications because of their low resistance to degradation due to the sliding process and their low load carrying capacity relative to the size of the ball bearing.

The ball bearing system can be powered by a drive mechanism, gravity, or manually if an operator is available. Depending on the size and weight of your luggage, you can set up the optimal system.

The limitation of ball bearing slides is the need for specific housings or drive systems that allow enough freedom of movement for the bearings to rotate efficiently, but are not as effective as those movements produce Is accurate.

The system itself is usually composed of aluminum or rolled steel and is usually two linear rails of bearings in a storage guide. The carriage is supported by these rails and moves smoothly across the bearings.

These systems usually do not require frequent additions of lubricant, as the movement is not a slide between surfaces, but the handrail system itself must be regularly replaced, especially when using linear slides in high-level environments. Need to be disassembled and cleaned of dust and debris that can contaminate the internal structure of the handrail.

Ball bearings produce a much lower level of friction, and therefore heat, and are therefore an ideal choice for many applications, improving operation in a relatively cost-effective manner and reducing the tendency to slipstick while working. The balls used are easy to manufacture and are usually less expensive than other linear slide system components.

These slides are also called ball sides because they have a metallic ball inside of them; these are linear slides that have a wide variety of uses.  ball bearing drawer slide manufacturers product all sorts of drawer slides for different purposes, from furniture to clean lab equipment and everything in between.

ball bearing slides

Ball bearing slides provide smooth precision motion along a single axis linear design and have These are self-lubricating and reliable, especially when it comes to industrial as well as household tasks.

Applications for high quality drawer slide ball bearing slides include delicate metrology, robotic assemblies, cabinets, high-end appliances, and cleanroom environments, primarily serving the manufacturing, but also furniture, electronics, and construction industries.

Ball baring slides are common in the furniture industry. You probably have seen them being used in various furniture in your house such as drawers. However, they are commonly used in massive industries as well.

Because the balls recirculate in the bearing housing, the travel distance of the linear recirculating ball bearing is limited only by the length of the rail. Linear ball bearings have bracket that moves only in one direction and does no circulate again.

This type of bearing can provide very smooth movement because the balls do not recirculate. However, the travel distance of linear non-recirculating ball bearings is limited by the length of the bracket.