Russian Customer Purchased 1000 sets of Drawer Slides from Jinruda

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Good News! The customer form Russia purchased 1000 sets of drawer slides form our company in November. We have arranged shipment as soon as possible to make sure our customer to receive products quickly.

At first, we communicated with Russian customers on WhatsApp and email. Our products and project cases were sent to our customers for reference. They showed great interest in our company and inquired many questions about soft drawer slides. Our salesman answered all the questions and solved customers' problems.

drawer slides

After online communication, Russian customer decided to visit our company to know more about us and our production capacity. During the visit time, we showed them around our factory and introduced our technology to them.

Finally, customer from Russia decided to place an order from us because of our company's sincere attitude and professional skills and products. We packed the drawer slides as soon as the customer ordered our products so that our customers will receive the in shortest time.

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