How to Add Metal Slides to Drawers?

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Drawer slide rail installation is used at home frequently. Every family has drawers to store items and now drawers are also designed with slide rails, which is easier to use then before. However, the premise of convenience must also be installed, otherwise it will not only affect the use, but it is also a common occurrence of failures. However, there are still many people who do not know the installation of drawer slide rails and the purchase of drawer slide rails. Let me will do a brief introduction.

Introduction of Drawer slide rails 

Rails for drawers or other moving parts are often equipped with bearings. The material of the drawer pulley determines the comfort of the drawer. Plastic pulleys, wear-resistant nylon and steel balls are the three most common drawer pulley materials. Quiet, silent and comfortable when sliding is the best way to distinguish the quality of the slide method.

Extension slide rail

How to Add Metal Slides to Drawers?

1. According to your own design, draw a straight line (horizontal) on the cabinet and the side panel of the drawer. The error should not be too large. It will not be good to exceed the adjustment range of the long hole.

2. Look for two horizontal long holes on one side of the cabinet, preferably near the two ends, and mark the center of the long holes with a pencil.

3. Guide the hole with a hand drill to make the drill level as horizontal as possible;

4. Tighten the wood screws and install the part of the cabinet slide rail.

5. Look for two vertical oblong holes on one side of the side of the drawer. It is also best to approach the two ends. The pencil marks the center of the oblong holes.6. Guide hole with electric drill, try to make the drill vertical to the side plate;

7. Tighten the wood screws and install the part of the side of the drawer.

8. Insert the drawer, carefully observe the installation effect and fine-tune if you are not satisfied: adjust the depth of the cabinet side slide rail, and adjust the drawer side slide rail;

9. After adjustment, find the center of the round holes on the slide rails on both sides, mark them, then guide the holes and tighten the wood screws to fix them;

10. Add the metal slides for drawers.

There are several points to pay attention to when choosing a cabinet drawer slide, one is the specific gravity, then the surface treatment, then the structure and material and finally the applicability.

Generally, if it is an assembled desk, the drawers must be installed by themselves. According to the installation instructions or the small class method, you can do it yourself.