Why is custom-made cabinetry so expensive?

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When you are getting your kitchen drawers made you would notice one thing. That is the price difference. The drawer slide types are much more expensive than the drawers that are made in bulk. You may have had this basic observation. But let’s find out why the drawer slide rails and the custom drawers are so expensive. 

There are various reasons for the soft close drawer slides. We did some research to help you in finding out the main reason behind it. 


When you are getting the drawers and the drawer slide types custom made, there is a huge difference in material. So, when you order for the custom one, you would want to get the best material for it. Whereas, those which are pre-made are available in economic prices and do not cost you a lot for the low-quality material. 

Custom made 

When the product is made in bulk, they cost a lot lesser than usual. However, when we talk about customized products, they are only made once. So, a lot more effort goes in. This is another reason for increasing costs. 

Unique designs 

One other hindrance is the different designs and the uniqueness of the drawers. You will not find the drawers that you order for customization in markets. This is the reason why drawers are expensive when they are custom made. Moreover, when you need a particular design and size, the companies do not have the production for that. So, these drawers slide types are made separately and differently from the other drawers that are made in bulk. 


With the greater price, there are other leverages that come with the cabinets. You will have to pay for the better strength, look, and for the durability of the drawer. This is an investment somehow. If you buy a cheap ready-made drawer, you will have to change it and replace it soon because these drawers are not long-lasting. However, when you are getting the custom made drawers, you will not have to worry about the continuous changes and repairs. 

Better designs and added elements 

Most of the time when you buy the bulk made drawers, you will find the basic and the plain ones. If you are planning to fancy it up and make your kitchen look better and more presentable, you will go for the customizable drawers. These drawers will be made with special attention and precision, separate from the bulk and basic cabinets. So, you will have to pay more for better results, eventually. 

This may have cleared your doubts about the higher price of the soft close drawer slides. Moreover, you can decide whether you want to save money now or fancy up your kitchen. People with a greater budget would want to opt for customized cabinets and drawers. However, if you think you do not need the fancy stuff, you should go for the basic drawers. These will also work great for you. However, you need to care about the material.