Drawer Slides Roll Forming Machine

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Drawer slides roll forming machine, also called slide rail making machine, drawer slides machine, and telescopic channel roll forming equipment etc. It is a cold roll forming process, which is similar to the roofing product, but requires a higher performance in profile. There are various types of drawer slide in the market to apply on different usage. For instance, kitchen cabinets, oven slides, rail for door sliding, and fridge slides etc. Names of drawer slides vary, but they all perform the same purpose on sliding movement, such as telescopic channel slide, concealed slides, drawer runners, and so on. The basic production flow of drawer slide machine is roll forming, punching, and cut off to length. A quality slide rail includes smoothness, tolerance, and loading capacity.

Processes of drawer slides roll forming is a continuous cold rolled steel strip passing through a plurality set of upper and lower shaped rollers, and then punching, embossing, straightening, and cut off to length. Straightening is an important part to avoid material twisting or curling. A roll forming line is often provided with straightening mechanism to make sure the material is nicely formed in a predetermined shape to meet the original design.

Every slide rail varies in some detailed design, which requires a customized production line to meet the expected profile. The development takes time and costs, especially for undermount drawer slides. The profile is not as easy as contoured profile like roofing, slides roll forming requires advanced technology in manufacturing. One disadvantage of drawer slides roll forming equipment is rollers can be only used to roll form one kind of profile design, which rollers must be changed when making different drawer slides profile. Some complicated design can cost high.