Easy DIY Guide On How To Install The Industrial Ball Bearing Slide Rail

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Industrial ball bearing slide rail is one of the most common quick fixes in the furniture industry. It commonly used in many brand furniture such as wardrobes dressers, shelves, etc.


Like you already know, their fundamental function is to enhance smooth opening and closing of drawers, doors, or movable shelves also.


Of course, the workings of industrial ball bearing slide rail cannot be overemphasized. And in order to have real value for your money, you have to find a reliable and professional industrial ball bearing slide rail manufacturers to handle your supplies.


 Advantages of using Industrial ball bearing slide rail

1. They can function perfectly at a higher temperature compared to roller guides.


2. They are highly versatile and can support a wide range of furniture


3. Availability in various sizes for different needs is another advantage as you can get the size of your choice.


4. A ball-bearing slide table can enjoy years of trouble-free operation due to the presence of industrial ball bearing slide rails.


DIY Guide On How To Install The Industrial Ball Bearing Slide Rail

Fix to the drawer first

1. Begin by attaching the drawer-mount member. With the slide aligned to flush with the drawer front and bottom edge, hold in position with a screw at the front in a vertical slot, and then screw one at the rear as well.


2. With the slide still attached together, align it with the bottom edge of the drawer side. Gently slide it back to reveal a screw slot and drive a screw.


3. Carry out the same thing on the other side of the drawer; then separate the cabinet-mount portions of the slides.


ball bearing slide rail

Now for the cabinet

1. With the cabinet-mount member clipped into its front mounting bracket, seat the bracket's wrapped shoulder snugly against the back of the face frame for the correct offset.


2. With the bracket resting on the face frame, hold the slide as level as possible, and then attached it with two screws in the frame.


3. Tape a torpedo or any short level onto the slide (or use one with a magnet that will grip the slide) and use it to align the slide up or down (The cabinet must be shimmed for this to be accurate.).


4. Measure out the gap between the slide and cabinet side to ensure the slide attaches parallel to the cabinet side.


5. Screw the rear of the mounting bracket to the cabinet to secure it.


6. Use a self-centering bit to drill pilot holes and then drive a screw into the center of the horizontal slot to allow for small alteration later.


7. Slide the drawer into the cabinet mounts until the catches lock.


8. Drive the remaining screws to secure the slides in place.



Your furniture can serve you for a very long time by getting a quality and durable industrial ball bearing slide rail that perfectly matches it.


Due to their enormous benefits, partnering with a trusted and professional industrial ball bearing slide rail manufacturer with premium drawer slides in stock will give you the opportunity of shopping only the best quality.