How To Choose The Right Heavy Duty Electrical Drawer Slide?

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Sometimes, choosing the right drawer slide for drawers can make a big difference between continuous discomfort and the satisfaction you get from the drawer. Unless you make the right choice, the former can be so annoying and frustrating.


To get it right, bear in mind that heavy-duty drawer slides are designed to support loads of up to 200 pounds and more.


A good heavy-duty electrical drawer slide has other features like drawer slide soft close, which prevents the drawer from rolling open accidentally.


Similarly, steel ball-bearing give the drawer a quiet and smooth operation that makes the experience a satisfying one without annoyance.


Your choice must be intentional if you need the best drawer slide for your cabinet. This is why choosing a reliable and experienced heavy duty electrical drawer slide manufacturer is a must.


As you try to figure out how to choose the right drawer slide for your cabinet, it’s necessary to know the basic features of drawer slides. This is very important to get the decision right.


1. Mounting style of the drawer slide

Mounting style is how you want to open or close the drawer with your electric drawer slide. There are different mounting styles that one can use. Some of them are bottom mounting, side mounting, undermounting, and center mounting.


The choice of style depends on the amount of available between the cabinet opening and the drawer box. For instance, side mount comes in pairs and requires ½ inch between the side of the furniture opening and the drawer slides.


The undermount drawer slides require ¼ space per side of the cabinet. The space between the undersides of the bottom of the drawer should be ½ inch. The undermount drawer slides are not seen when the drawer is pushed open.


On the other hand, the center mount comes as single slides that are fixed at the center of the drawer.


2. The Weight of Load

Weight is a very important factor when choosing drawer slides. Stainless steel drawer slides have different ratings.


The load capacity should determine the type of heavy-duty electric drawer slide you choose. Heavy-duty electric drawer slides can support loads of 200 pounds and above.  Check the load capacity before you make your choice.


3. The Extension of The Drawer Slide

The extension of the drawer slide is important due to the available space. Different electric slides provide extension such as three quarter, full, and over-travel extension.


The three-quarter extension opens the drawer with part of the drawer still inside the cupboard. The full-extension opens the drawer with the full length of the slide, which provides more access to the drawer.


Also, the over-travel extension provides complete access to the drawer beyond the level of the full extension.



4. Finishing of drawer slide

The finishing of the drawer slides come with either zinc, aluminum, or stainless steel coating.


The choice of coating is important for heavy-duty electrical drawer slides. Stainless steel drawer slides have a higher resistance to corrosion and are available for heavy-duty electric drawer slides.



Heavy duty electric drawer slides are designed to support heavy loads. It has a stop feature that provides a drawer slide soft close, and steel ball-bearing that provide quiet and smooth operation.


To make the right choice, choosing a reliable and experienced heavy duty electrical drawer slide manufacturer is key, and this will definitely give you the needed satisfaction in your purchase.