The Two Major Types Of Cabinet Slide Rail And Their Advantages

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Cabinet slide rail comes with flexible features with many added advantages. Gone are the days you need to applied force on your cabinets or guided it with two hands before it will close.


The cabinet drawer slide comes with unique and comfortable features that make your material kept in the drawer easily accessible.


The server cabinet drawer slide factory presents you with a durable, elegant, flexible, and accessible drawer slide which helps in the easy opening and closing of cabinets in your homes and offices without applying force.


Also, are you thinking of the installation? No need for stress, it is the freest of stress drawer installation you have ever experienced.


They are fantastically easy to install and can fit anywhere in your office and home. Cabinet slide rail gives you the perfect and beautiful look you aspire in your office, home, and even the kitchen.


Most importantly, for your convenience and beautification purchasing cabinet slide rail from a reliable, renowned, and reputable manufacturer is the most recommended option for best housing or office furniture to have easy saving and assessment of your files, documents, and kitchen utensils.


The outstanding advantages of cabinet slide rail from a reputable server cabinet drawer slide factory are embedded in the two types of cabinet drawer slide which are explained below


Types of cabinet slide rail with their advantages

Self-closing under-mount slides

Self-closing under-mount slides close silently with smooth running. It has a complete extension which is invisible when it is fitted with an accurate locking device.


Also, it offers a different way of its adjustability compared to the former traditional drawer slide. The cabinet drawer can be move forward or backward and face up or down, it can be slant up or down and even move from side to side.


Besides, there are dimension requirements for this type of cabinet drawer slide. The drawer must have the right width and depth to be able to move up or down and forward or backward to fit some slides.


And there needs to be a 1/2 recess so that the door sides and front will sit over the runners, you will need to create a couple of holes at the back of the drawer for the slant mechanism.


Most importantly, there must be a little space on either side of the drawer with under-mount hardware. This space works out to about 5/16″ on each side.


Self-closing under-mount slides have a soft close feature which when you give the opened drawer a push, it closes most of the way, then at about 1-1/2 from full closure, this mechanism comes into play, closing the drawer completely.


Advantages of Self-closing under-mount slides


· Self-closing under-mount slides close the drawer for you


·  It also prevents the spring attached to the slide from seizing the drawer back forcefully, which can be of risk to your fingers or even the children’s fingers.


Side-mounted ball bearing slides

This type of slide is affordable and available, with server cabinet drawer slide factory you can get the side-mounted ball bearing slide with cheaper and affordable prices. This slide is dependable, hard-wearing, and they give you easy access.



Most importantly, it is easy to install and you can put them anywhere you want. This slide helps you to easily access what is on the upper surface of the drawer without the drawer or tray closing when you react to it.


The mounting plate is used to attach the hardware to the cabinet' front and back.


slide rail

Advantages of side-mounted ball bearing slides

· It has an extra- heavy load capacity

· It has specialty slides for file drawers

· It is reliable and dependable

· It is easy to install or mount

· This slide can be used on a deeper drawer




Cabinet slide rail is an important part of a drawer of a cabinet that allows stress-free access to your documents, files, and kitchen utensils.  


Both Self-closing under-mount slides and side-mounted ball bearing slides are affordable, reliable, and dependable.


These types of slides give you the chance of saving your energy while opening or closing your drawer or cabinet. It relaxes your mind of getting hurt from the opening or closing of the cabinet.


Also, it gives you confidence while sending your little ones to bring you things from the cabinet against being hurt and this is as a result of its flexible nature and mounting capacity.


Most importantly, sourcing cabinet slide rail from a renowned, experienced, and reputable server cabinet drawer slide supplier is the best way to give your home and office a facelift with this fantastic, durable, flexible, dependable, and affordable piece of metal.